Joining the 100,000 Club

by: Delana H. Stewart

Just as Houston, Texas recently had its Shuttlebration, The Education Cafe is taking flight with its own celebration of joining the 100,o00 club!

With just 4 views away from reaching 100,000 I thought I would post some favorites:

The first post on The Education Cafe was:

Developing Boundaries With Kids  — October 2009

In this article, I shared information from sources such as Caring for Kids God’s Way by speaker Chap Clark, Parenting With Love and Logic by authors Cline and Fay, Boundaries With Kids by Cloud and Townsend, You Owe Me! by Michael Conner, and Parenting With Love and Grace by Mark Crawford. If you want the shortened version of these incredible resources on helping your children with topics such as responsibility, respect, motivation, and gratitude click on the link above.

Most viewed article on The Education Cafe:

Five Basic Types of Curriculum by Linda P, with over 15,500 views! This article goes through the five categories into which most homeschool curriculum and homeschooling programs fall.

The Busiest Day on The Education Cafe:

February 14, 2011 with over 1,000 views on the article First Pants (based on a Gary Larson comic).


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