Passport to the World

by: Delana H. Stewart

Whether you and your children travel the world or want to explore the world from your home, your family will enjoy a series of books by Cristina Falcon Maldonado. Her series of books with colorful illustrations by Marta Fabrega is 1, 2, 3 Suddenly in …

The main character of the series is a boy named Martin, whose grandfather was a world explorer. With the help of Grandpa’s travel album and a special necklace, Martin travels to a different country in each book, including: China, Brazil, Egypt, and Mexico. On his first adventure, he travels to China and brings back a little flying dragon named See-me (who then journeys with Martin to the other countries). The names of people that Martin meets in each country are names native to that country. He also explores famous places in that country and gets exposed to sights, sounds, smells, and cultural foods.

Great to read to and with children of all ages, and easy to read for the average third grader. Learn about Favelas in Brazil or Feluccas in Egypt! Each book includes a glossary of terms native to that country.

Available from Barron’s and


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