Putting the Pieces Together Differently

Delana H. Stewart

Any of your closets filled with boxes of puzzles that have missing pieces? Or, perhaps you and your children are tired of putting that puzzle together?

Our family visited an art museum in Beaumont, TX this week and took some photos of some art by Al Souza.

If you have a child with an eye for thinking outside the box or an eye for how things could look together, and if you have children who like to stick things together with glue, you might want to break out those old puzzles and show them these pictures of what might just be possible.

If any of your kids take up this challenge, snap a photo of his/her artwork, and I will gladly post some on The Education Cafe.

Note: If you have a right-brained or visual-spatial child or a child with ADD, you might see if he or she is interested in trying a project like this!

Your life a puzzling experience these days? Check out:

Rise Above


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