Does Too Much Television Watching Damage the Developing Brain?

–Delana H. Stewart

If you have a child 5 and under you will definitely want to see this. If you have any children or grandchildren that you love and care about, you watching television, friends, friendship, girls watching TV, kids watching televisionwill likely be interested. If you are the type of person who needs to see scientific data and visuals to believe something, watch this!

The article, “Are We Over-Stimulating Young Children” by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D., discusses the effects of TV watching (and other screen time) on the developing brain. In her article she discusses how studies have proven that rapid image changes (on many children’s TV programs and hand-held games) leads “to the over-stimulation of an infant’s brain, leading to the development of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in young children.”

While the articles’ facts are impacting, even more convincing is the 16 minute youtube video at the end of the article featuring Dr. Dimitri Christakis. He will show you actual brain scans and other data to prove to you how watching television damages the developing brains of children.

I believe that because of the way the brain is programed neurologically by input and lack of input, especially during the first several years of life, that other neurological disorders may also be linked to excessive screen time in early childhood.

View the video of Dr. Dimitri Christakis showing brain scans of the effects of TV on developing children.

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