Stuck in a Rut or Keeping Up?

Delana H. Stewart

Are you moving forward, keeping up with technology and new ways of doing things in your classroom or homeschool? Or, are you stuck in a rut?

Pamela Moran, an educator in Virginia, posted an interesting article on her blog Spaces for Learning. The article, Abandoning the Space space shuttle, space, Endeavor, mock space shuttle, NASA, NASA Houston, Space Center HoustonShuttle…a Lesson for Educators, uses NASA’s moving on from the space shuttle program as an analogy to ask teachers, administrators, and educators to consider what they are doing or are not doing to move forward and “go boldly where no educators have gone before?”

How about you as teachers, parents, school administrators? Are you stuck in a rut educationally or are you moving forward? Do your kids know, understand and use technology in their classrooms? Are your teaching styles preparing them for the shift to teaming and problem solving and collective thinking? Will the education they receive make them more marketable?

You may also want to check out an article on The Education Cafe regarding What’s New In Technological Learning. Even though the article is now about two years old, you can at least get an idea if you are as up-to-date as 2010 in terms of technology.

Please share ways your school or homeschool is staying up with the times . . .

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