Surviving Parenting: In Tears and Laughter

–Delana H. Stewart

I don’t need another parenting book–but a book that makes me laugh when the tears of child-raising well up in my eyes and the darts of defiance pierce my heart–THAT book I need to read!

Not long ago I read Lisa Whelchel’s book Creative Correction. Though she is currently famous for her appearance on Survivor, I grew up watching her on Facts of Life.

As an experienced parent having raised three sons (now post high school), did I really need to read another parenting book? Nearly six years ago, we adopted a little six-year-old girl (not a baby–a complete package, the result of someone else’s early childhood training or lack thereof). With all the joy she brings into our lives first we passed through many trials. Some of the trials stemmed from sin nature, some from early childhood experiences, and some from abandonment issues.

One day a few years ago, the brown eyes of defiance did not want to eat, did not want to take her vitamins and medicine, did not want me to brush her hair, did not want to brush her own hair, did not want to be a part of our family, and finally blurted out rather loudly: “I AM NOT GOING TO SCHOOL TODAY, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!” Then, she added to that the desire for a different mommy.

Having tried every trick of the trade, weary and exhausted, I picked up Creative Correction and read the first chapter and the first few pages of the second chapter. Many of you will want to get your own copy of this book. If for nothing else, the ability to be able to laugh when you are near tears, is a great reason to get this book. Here are two excerpts that I hope brighten your day as much as they have mine:

Lisa tells about a day her oldest son was having a homeschool kindergarten lesson and would not stop fooling around. Worn out, she said, “Tucker, the more you goof around, the longer this is going to take.”

“And the funner it’s going to be!” he responded with a grin. (p.14)

Okay, that got a little chuckle out of me and then I read on…

On page 18 Lisa tells a story about a night when each of her three kids were graduating beds. The baby went from cradle to crib. The toddler went from crib to bottom bunk. The oldest son went from car bed to top bunk. He bumped his head on the ceiling, got an arm stuck in the rail, got his foot stuck between the wall and bed, and kept getting into mischief. Finally, Lisa’s husband Steve went into the room…

“If you kids don’t settle down,” he ordered, “you will sleep in your old beds!” To drive home his point, Steve stood for a moment, gazing at Tucker and Haven. His hands were held up in exasperation, and he was clothed in nothing but his briefs.

Tucker obviously couldn’t get past the figure of Steve standing half-clothed in the shadows. “Dad,” he commented, “you look like you’re about to die on a cross like Jesus!”

laughing baby, laughing boy, first pants

For more humor, click on this image “first pants.”

Suppressing a chuckle, Steve gave up and went back to bed.

Sometimes kids say and do the darnedest things! As Lisa says in her book, each child is different and what works with one might not work with another child. Or might work with that child at a later childhood stage.

And, if it has been a tearful morning for you, hang in there, and remember that laughter is good medicine!

My middle son reminded me that one day when he wrote on Facebook: “If laughter is good medicine then the entire college cafeteria is cured for life when I tripped on my own foot and fell face down on the floor.”


My favorite parenting/child-raising book:

Parenting with Love and Logic

My favorite adoption parenting book:

Keys to Parenting an Adopted Child


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6 thoughts on “Surviving Parenting: In Tears and Laughter

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  5. LOL!!! I think your son just cured me for life as well 🙂 Congratulations on raising such a fine man that can publicly laugh at himself, as well as bring the rest of us a smile and laugh to brighten our day! Hang in there, I know your new daughter will turn out just as good.

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