Surviving Mid-year Homeschool Burnout

Delana H. Stewart

Every year between November and January, many families experience schooling burnout. Make sure you take a good break and renew Christmas family, Christmas Joy, family timeyour strength for the second semester.

You may be interested in a book review on my personal blog about the Max Lucado book Traveling Light. You can look on my blog for the review of this book about the twenty-third Psalm regarding laying down your burdens and finding rest for the weary.

Writing that review reminded me how often the middle of the school year would find me burned out as a homeschool mom. Yes, I had made it half way, but yet found myself not close enough to the home stretch. I needed encouragement and new ideas to re-fuel for the remaining half of the year.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I decided to research articles and videos others have done to provide you a quick source of encouragement. Here are the top 5:

1. A YouTube video entitled I Will Survive–the Homeschool Version. (3:11)

2. Renewal through soaking worship music by Kathi Wilson (a repeating track of 10 long samples).

3. A short HSLDA podcast with Vickie Farris on encouragement for weary homeschool moms.

4. An article titled “Overwhelmed Homeschool Moms” that discusses the stresses associated with putting your kids back in school, as well as giving practical tips for alleviating stress and bringing peace back into the home.

5. My review of Traveling Light and links I provide to an incredible video on Psalm 23, Psalm 23 sung by Don Moen, as well as a host of other audio and visual resources.


Watch and listen to administrator and author Delana H. Stewart sing “God Will Make this Trial a Blessing”.

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Is parenting and teaching overwhelming at times? Do you ever feel caught in an emotional undertow?

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