Science: You Either Love it or Hate it

Delana H. Stewart

Teaching science is usually a love it or hate it kind of, static ball, static electricity, science museum

I am not a science person (except when it involves cooking). I enjoyed joining homeschool co-ops where I could teach creative writing and someone else could teach science. One year, when I taught science to my 6th grader, that was the year that we did a semester of Science Experiments You Can Eat (and I do not remember what I taught the second semester). My boys enjoyed some Sonlight Science lessons/experiments with another teacher, and when they were younger, I remember doing Lyrical Life Science with them.

I read an excellent review today about Apologia Zoology for elementary students. Check it out:

So, do you love or hate science? Either way, which science curriculum books, videos, programs, do you use and why?

Please leave your comments below and if possible, links to the materials or links to a review about them. Thanks for being a part of The Education Cafe community and helping us learn from one another.


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4 thoughts on “Science: You Either Love it or Hate it

  1. Love science! One of the reasons homeschooling has worked out so well for our 4 little boys is that it gives them the freedom to explore what they love best, which for all of them has been science. We choose a topic a year, like geology, botany or astronomy, and have studied with and without a packaged curriculum. And yes, the Apologia elementary science series really is great! Glad you mentioned it!

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