The Right to Choose Your Children’s Education

Delana H. Stewart

It is not normal for me to sign a petition, nor to recommend to others to sign a petition. I usually stay away from things of a political nature. But today a friend shared with me an article about a family from Germany who seeks asylum in the U.S. because they desire and feel led by God to homeschool their children.

homeschool family, German homeschool

Romeike family photo–click photo to go to HSLDA article

Do not think for a minute that if you are in the U.S. or in another country that allows the freedom to homeschool your children that it will always be that way! Just as hundreds of years ago people fled to America (and other lands) for religious freedom and just as those who stand up and fight to keep that freedom, we also must speak out for others. We should not sit by and say nothing. If we do, it could very well have a spiraling down effect on our own right choose our children’s education.

Read the article about the homeschooling family from Germany seeking asylum in the U.S.:

And if you feel so led, sign the petition here:

Deadline to sign: April 18, 2013

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