May 2013 Holidays and Activities

national day prayer, praying woman, praying sillhouette

Photo by Mark Burtch

1st Thursday—USA National Day of Prayer for the nation

See also: New PRAY song by Sanctus Real (click here and then scroll down for the music video)

May 1st–May Day and Dancing around a Maypole (UK & Australia)

May 1st–Labor Day in the Philippines — crafts and activities; Labor Day in India — crafts and activities; Labor Day in Pakistan — crafts and activities; Labour and Solidarity Day in Turkey —crafts and activities; Labor Day in Brazil– Kids Corner Brazil (fun site) ; Workers’ Day in Nigeria — crafts and games; Workers’ Day in South Africa — LESSON PLANS, games, activities; Workers’ Day in Tanzania — crafts and coloring; Labor Day in Mexico — crafts and activities; Labor Day in Hong Kong–crafts and info; Labor Day in Ghana–culture and history, crafts/flags; Labor Day in Cyprus–flag/crafts; Labor Day in Djibouti– facts/culture; Labor Day in China — crafts & flag; Labor Day in Kenya– crafts, map, flags, lessons; Workers’ Day in Mozambique--flags & printables; Labor Day in Malaysia — flag & printables; Labor Day in Ukraine — crafts & activities; Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day — crafts, flag, etc.; Kyrgyztan People’s Unity Day– history & culture; International Workers’ Day in Germany — crafts, flag, games;

May 3rd — Constitution Memorial Day in Japan–crafts and activities

May 5th—Cinco de Mayo;

Children’s Day in South Korea–crafts, games, activities;

Coronation Day in Thailand —  crafts and daily life;

May 7thTeacher Day

May 9th —Ascension Day –Meaning and traditions as celebrated in the UK;

Victory Day in Russia ; Victory Day in Ukraine; Victory Day in Azerbaijan; Victory Day in Turkmenistan; Memorial/Remembrance Day in Uzbekistan;

May 10thClean your room daytips from kids for kids

2nd Sunday—Mother’s Day

see also: Poem–What a Mama Does (When a Daughter Understands)

May 15th—Chocolate Chip Day

May 15, 2013–Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) Israel–activities for kids;

3rd Saturday—Armed Forces Day–Craft ideas by Artists Helping Children

May 20th–Victoria Day in Canada — crafts and activities

May 23rd–Labor Day in Jamaica–crafts and activities

May 24th—Brother’s Day

Last Monday—Memorial Day

Graduation Crafts


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