Game On!

-Delana H. Stewart

Looking for some great educational internet games/programs, free and fee-based, recommended by parents like you? Here are some for you to texting, gaming, ipad, kindle, appscheck out!

While the below resources can be educational and fun, just as in anything overdoing it can be hazardous. Please continue to be cautious about the importance of limiting screen time for your children (particularly kids 5 and under)! *see more info at end*

Here are educational computer games on the internet recommended by parents who find them helpful for their children.

Xtramath   Takes kids back to the basics–addition/subtraction/multiplication/division and makes them memorize it more thoroughly. It is not one of those sites where kids just go and play games. It is only 8 min. a day and the online program systematically helps them “bump-up” those facts that need to be firm in their minds. The parents get an email of the child’s progress. Parents have to go on and set up the account. It is a program that is also used in schools, so parents will have to choose homeschooling and set up their classroom. It takes about 10 min. and is a free program (with no advertising). It is recommended by the mother of a 3rd and 4th grade boy and girl (appropriate for all elementary grade levels).

Typing  It is a free online learn to type program also recommended by the mother of a 3rd grade boy and girl. (Admin note: This program does not require registration. It is taught by a British speaking goat, as it is a program from the UK. As long as your student does not have any problem with understanding the goat, this program should work well for you.)

keyboard, mouse, computerStarfall Phonics and Reading

This costs just $35/year.  Preschoolers and early school-age children love the songs, read-aloud stories, math games, and pre-reading activities.  [Recommended by a mother of a 3 year old boy/5 year old girl who says: “I expect that my oldest will still enjoy using this website for several more years. My kids enjoy the variety of activities.”] Admin note: Regular continues to offer many early reading activities at no charge and with no sign up required.

Fisher-Price Games and Activities

Free.  The games are sorted according to age:  infant, toddler and preschool.  There is a variety of games—Alphabet, counting, online coloring, online puzzles, etc.  [Recommending mom says: My daughter has used this website more than my son.  When she was 3 and 4 years old, she used this website several times a week.]  

BrainPop and BrainPopJr. and

Brain Pop (ages 9-up) and Brain Pop Jr.  (ages 4-up) have learning videos, games, quizzes, and writing activities about all different subjects:  math, science, Social Studies, Health, English, and more. There is a free version, but to get more access, you need to buy a subscription.

Noodle Tools for organizing research.  Great tool to use in high school and beyond! [Admin note: This family also uses a  scrabble app and wordzup app.

You may also be interested in trying these great resources:

If you have educational games, apps, etc. that you and your kids really enjoy, please leave a comment and share a link! Be sure and say whether it is free or fee-based and what age children would most enjoy it.

* You might consider checking out these articles to keep a balanced approach on screen time:

Therapy for your ipad Tyke from Focus on the Family. –deals with addiction in preschool-aged children.

View the video of Dr. Dimitri Christakis showing brain scans of the effects of TV on developing children.

Does Too Much Television Watching Damage the Developing Brain?

DIY — Get your brain in gear — Do Something!

Kids, Teens, and the Internet: Reducing the Dangers

Build a Better Brain


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    • Thanks for sharing! As with any internet material, parents should preview things prior to having their children view it (or watch along with them) so that they can make sure that it follows along with your values/morals/religious beliefs. And parents should verify if any content is not age appropriate. I would love feedback on any specific video on BrainPop…so please do share!

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