August 2013 Holidays and Activities Around the World

National Kids Day, first Sunday (August 4, 2013) in the U.S.; In Argentina, Children’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday (Aug 11)

August 5th, 1930– Neil Alden Armstrong (the first man on the moon) was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio Video of first moon landing on youtube.

First Monday (Aug 5, 2013) Civic holiday in Canada

August 9–South Africa celebrates National Women’s Day      —  here are some flag and education printables;

August 12 — H.M. The Queen‘s Birthday in Thailand — celebrated August 12, 2013 as a national Mother’s Day

Second Tuesday (Aug 13, 2013)–Armed Forces Day in Zimbabwe– children’s songs, culture, flag/printables

August 14–Creamsicle Day:

Click to learn more...

Click to learn more…

August 15 – Panama Canal opened, 1914

August 15 — Independence day in India–kids’ crafts & great ideas, food, flags, and more

August 8/9, 2013 – Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadan)

August 19 – National Aviation Day (aviation unit study); crafts virtual airplane tour Boeing 787

August 19 – Afghanistan Independence Day

August 26 – Women given right to vote, 1920

August 30 – Victory Day in Turkey

If you are reading this and a special holiday in your country occurs in August and is not listed here, please leave a comment and let us know! :) Happy August!


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