Starting Kindergarten: Ready or Not

Delana H Stewart

If you have a pre-school child and she or he will be starting kindergarten this fall, here are some articles that could be very helpful. Also, if you have a child that has a birthday later than September 1st and you are contemplating whether or not to formally start this child in kindergarten, here is some advice I gave a mom just the other day:

I would recommend that you wait a year before putting your child into kindergarten. Even if your child is academically ready, there are sopreschool kids, kindergarten class many other areas of readiness. Some children physically develop more slowly than others and struggle with the elements of physically writing and sitting still. You would give your child a great advantage to be the oldest in the class rather than the youngest. Even if your child seems ready, when he gets to middle school he may not be as physically developed (strong, tall, coordinated) as others in his grade since he will be the youngest in the class. It will benefit him greatly to have another year of maturing emotionally, socially, academically, physically, and spiritually! It also means you get to keep your child around a year longer…which will not only benefit you but would give your child an additional year of readiness for college.

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