Homeschooling a Child with ODD

I received a question yesterday from a mom wanting to know how to homeschool a child with ODD. This can be quite challenging, tantrum, temper, meltdownparticularly if the child does not respect or get along with the parent doing the homeschooling. In many cases, it is better if a child with ODD is schooled outside of the home. However, when attempts have failed in pubic or private schooling, parents find themselves in a position where they need to be the ones doing the educating. Or, perhaps, they desire to be the ones doing the educating. What’s a parent to do?

Here are some things worth trying:

1) Utilize CD or DVD-based learning to allow the student to hear/receive the instruction from someone other than the parent. Some examples are: Teaching TextbooksMath-U-See, Abeka DVD.

2) Utilize an interactive online school such as Time4Learning. Many kids who have ODD and/or ADHD tend to do well with interactive, visual, high-tech education.

3) Consider seeing a therapist as a family to work through issues that are ongoing and those that may arise during the schooling day. A therapist can give great feedback into making progress.

4) Celebrate little successes.

5) Consider that your child may be a very right-brained learner and read and try things that right-brained learners find successful.

6) Pray daily . . . even multiple times . . . especially when you feel your son or daughter’s anger makes you feel angry.

Please share your ideas and success stories with homeschooling a child with ODD by leaving a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Homeschooling a Child with ODD

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  2. I currently teach an ODD child. What works for him is definite boundaries, and lots of positive rewards. For every two 45 minute sessions where he works, he gets 15 minutes of time to do what he wants. There are lots of other little things I do during class as well, raffle tickets for our “happy box” where they choose a prize, points etc. Also, at the end of the day I have a behavioural check chart that has a list of positive things…listening, take turns etc, this gets checked off so he can see just how well he has done during the day. Many of these things we have encouraged to be employed at home as well and it’s having a great impact on this child.

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