Stranger Danger and Child Saftey

A friend sent us an article recently titled Tricky People Are the New Strangers.  It is a post well worth your 5-10 minutes to read through. It child cycling, park, playgrounddiscusses tips for when your child is separated from you, and gives them advice for who to seek out. It also helps you and your children recognize “tricky people” since often those who abuse children tend to be familiar faces (rather than strangers).

See this news event from December 2014 to discuss safety with your children:

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See also the new page tab called Safety (for articles not only on this site but other sites, as well).

Delana’s World presents: Live Like it Matters (about the protection and safety of our children)

2 thoughts on “Stranger Danger and Child Saftey

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  2. Funny to read this now…just recently we had to do the ‘Strager Danger’ discussion at my school, I was lucky enough to find a clip from Today Tonight on the web which depicted the exact same information discussing that article.

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