Writing Tips

From age 5 to 95, the most important tip about writing is to simply write, write, write. Ajay Ohri says it very well in the post “How to be a Better Writer” (see image below).writing, writer, writing tips, rewrite, edit, publish

Four years ago, I shared three valuable tips for sharpening your writing skills, click here.

See also, the following great websites:

Teaching Reluctant Writers to Write

http://www.timetoteach.co.uk/reluctantwriters.html (This article is written by a teacher who grew up as a gifted/learning-disabled child.  Scroll passed the ads to see the article.)

Great Reviews on Choosing Writing Curriculum


Story Starter Generator for K-6th Grade


Kids Can W.R.I.T.E


Kids Writing Poetry


Does your child or student need assistance with writing? Here is the link to a free, downloadable, printable guidebook with 24 pre-writing tools/graphic organizers from Fortuigence.com.



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