Pick Ten

A world without internet. A world with limited resources. If you had to homeschool your children in 2014 and homeworkonly had ten books (or non technological resources) to use, which ten would you choose?

The inspiration for this idea came from a recently Freshly Pressed Post called: If You Could Save Only Eight Books.”

On my Pick Ten homeschool resource list (and on my save only 8 books list) the number one book would be:

1. The Bible (ESV, NIV, or The Message) — or even better, a Comparative Bible that includes 4 translations– such as: Contemporary Comparative Side-by-Side Bible: NIV and NKJV and NLT and The Message

I cannot imagine living my life–nor raising up children in the way they should go–without it.

The other nine items on my Pick Ten Homeschool List for 2014 would be:

2.What Your Fifth Grader Needs to Know

3. Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade 5

4. Math-U-See ( I am currently using Teaching Textbooks, but it is CD-based, which is great for my daughter. If I had to pick a non-tech math program for her, then Math-U-See would be my choice. Although, I could also envision using the Teaching Textbook workbook and making my own manipulatives.)

5. Spelling Power (This book works for kids in multiple grade levels.)

6. The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child: The Middle Ages: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance

7. The Complete Chronicles of Narnia (all the books in one hardcover) by C. S. Lewis

8. 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) (National Geographic Kids) Hardcover (This one is on my wish list!)

9. National Geographic Kids World Atlas (also on my wish list)


10. For my tenth book, I’d have to decide between one of these excellent resources that I refer to many times:

The Way They Learn  by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias 

(See also a review of The Way They Learn on The Education Cafe — click here)

Parenting With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition)

by: Jim Fay and Foster Cline 

(see a review of this book on The Education Cafe — click here) — also visit http://www.loveandlogic.com/

Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel

(see 2 reviews of this book on The Education Cafe — click here)


Now it’s your turn! Leave a comment below and tell others what your top 5 or 10 books/resources would be for 2014…if that is all you could choose…and there were no options for technology.

This is a great way to help each other update our Christmas shopping lists!

Education, Homeschool, Gap YearYou can vote once every 24 hours just by clicking on the image above. Thanks!


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