Career Interviews and the Third Culture Kid

I came across a great article recently with tips for TCKs applying for jobs (particularly after college graduation). graduation, college, careerBethany Clarke, the writer of the article Making the Most of Your TCK Experience When Applying for a Job, begins by saying:

“I was never asked about my senior capstone project or how I had excelled at school. Instead, they were much more interested in how I had grown-up, how I relate to people, my favorite vacation spots in Asia, and how many languages I speak. I was asked about how my personal background informs who I am. . . . Companies look for employees who not only fit the job description, but also have life experience, strong communication skills, and an ability to adapt.”

Her article offers some important characteristics that TCKs can point out and expound upon when applying and interviewing for a job. If you or your student is beginning to interview for a job/career, take a few moments to check out Bethany’s tips for TCKs entering the work force.

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