Different Kinds of Screen Time Matters

Many times I have shared articles and information with you regarding screen time. More research has been done media, screen timeand is being done in this area in regards to different types of screen time (watching shows vs. interacting, educational vs. entertaining).

The content and context DO matter.

Here is a very well-done video of experts discussing this topic (everything from the medical/neurological side of things to just great parenting ideas). It is just under an hour long, but it is definitely worth every minute of that hour for you as parents, teachers, and caregivers to view and discuss. Best of all, it is a free program to watch!

I hope you will take some time to watch it and let me know what you think!


Click the link above from WQED.ORG to view episode 5: Tots + Tech.

“What happens when kids under age 8 watch TV and are exposed to screens? We’ll discuss current research and practical considerations of exposing children to media during the early childhood years, explore the impact of educational screen time on kids of various backgrounds, and offers parents some tips for raising young children in our media-rich environment.”

What is IQ SmartParent?


Some other excellent articles/posts on this topic include:

How Much Minecraft is Too Much?

Dr. G on Screen Time with Kids

Education, Homeschool, Gap Year

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