9 Educational Boards on Pinterest

Lately, Pinterest has become one of my go-to boards when I am trying to find a particular curriculum, book, pinterestmanipulative, resource, craft, idea, etc. I can always find great ideas there and then I pin them to one of my Education-related boards. Some I have only begun to develop (so those have less pins). Check these out (1, 2, and 3 have the greater number of pins)!

9. Great Ideas — organization, manipulatives, etc.

8. Crafts for Children and Grandchildren

7. Service Projects to do as a family

6. Special NeedsLDs, anxiety, CAPD, etc.

5. Third Culture Kids — parenting and teaching TCKs, being deracinated, cultural flip-flop;

4. Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, and Right Brained — post, images, videos, and quotes relating to each of these;

3. Homeschooling infographics, images, books, curriculum, resources, encouragement, and more…

2. Parentingfrom infancy through college;

1. Education — great articles, posts, blogs, books, ideas, school info, college info, more.


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