Recommended Dyslexia Curriculum

Which curriculum do parents and educators recommend for schooling children with dyslexia? cycling power light bulb, science cycleWhat about remediation programs? Many parents homeschooling children with dyslexia (as well as parents of children with ADHD) ask these questions regarding curriculum that works well for the right-brained, out-of-the-box learner.

After spending hours researching parent and teacher forums and review sites, I put together this chart based on recommendations of parents who are working with children who have dyslexia. In each category, there is a link to the product as well as a link to one or more forums discussing that product.

This is not an endorsement of any of these products; it simply gives one place for you to explore multiple options. If you have a child with dyslexia and would add something to one of these below, please leave a comment and let other readers know.

By the way, after you view the chart below, you may want to click on this link to a document by a teacher who researched and designed a great reading program for teaching a top-down, whole word approach for right-brain students. Click on the link to open the document; the document explains the process. At the end of the document, she provides a manual for teaching this method.

Learning to Read Writing Spelling
Spalding (Writing Road to Reading) –Shared on forum Institute for Excellence in WritingShared onWelltrainedmindforum4  and on thepioneerwoman; 5+ Seeing Stars – shared on ldonlineforum6
Barton Orton Gillingham (dyslexia expert Susan Barton) – shared forum; 10+ Handwriting without tears – shared onwelltrainedmind forum; 2+ Spalding (Writing Road to Reading) –Shared on forum
Verticy Learning by Calvert shared on forum; 3+ Sing, Spell, Read and Write  — shared on welltrainedmind forum; 3+ Sing, Spell, Read and Write  — shared on welltrainedmind forum; 3+
Wilson Reading System – shared on ldonline forum; 3+ WordSmith Apprentice and Jump In; shared on welltrainedmind; 2+ All About Spelling – shared by Mariannesunderland and on thepioneerwoman
S.P.I.R.E (multisensory reading) – shared on ldonline Spelling Power – use with and with color-coding each syllable of a word on a white board
Right Brain Phonics Program by Dianne Craft – shared on Welltrainedmind forum1 and forum 2 Spelling You See – New product available March 2014 – learning based on visual memory; for future reviews see
Starfall.comShared on – Welltrainedmind forum
REWARDS – shared on welltrainedmind forum
All About Reading– shared by Mariannesunderland
Math Science or History General Curriculum
Math-U-See –Shared forum and forum and on ldonline and by Mariannesunderland; 10+ Unit Studies such as KONOS and the Prairie Primer  –Shared on forum Time4Learning–Shared forum; 2+
Quarter Mile Math (for learning math facts) 3+ and citycreekpress; 2+ –shared onLdonline forum and by by Mariannesunderland Story of the World History CDs – shared onwelltrainedmind forum Verticy Learning by Calvert shared on forum
RightStart Math shared onLdonline forum and on Welltrainedmindforum4 Apologia audio Science books for upper levels – shared onwelltrainedmind forum
Moving with Math – shared on Ldonline forum Lyrical Life Science CDs – shared onwelltrainedmind forum Remediation
Touch Math – shared onLdonline forum3ldonlineforum4 and forum7; 5+ Linda Mood Bell – shared onLdonline forum3+Ldonline forum2
Saxon Math w/manipulatives for early grades. Shared on ldonlineforum8 My Audio School – click on above link to learn about program and see parent responses at end Sound Reading CD as a supplement – shared on ldonline forum
Teaching Textbooks – shared on welltrainedmindforum; 3+
Math Mammoth –shared onwelltrainedmindforum

Foreign Language:  Many parents are recommending students with dyslexia to consider American Sign Language for their required language courses. Ldonlineforum 5

General Ed Resources: Great forum for general educational resources for teaching children with dyslexia (math, reading, spelling, writing tips).

Delana H. Stewart

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