When You Can’t Stretch It Anymore

Stretching the Dollar or Pinching Pennies? This is the season when families begin considering what their schooling plans for the fall will be. Whether homeschooling Stretching the dollaror supplementing at home, often the finances can only stretch so far.

Before you make your purchases for this fall, consider these two excellent posts offering incredible FREE resources:

F is for Free Homeschooling Resources

This site includes free curriculum and free resources by subject. I found some new things that I am excited about.pinching pennies

Finding Free Kids Books Online

Whether you are looking for e-books or audio books for the school year (or for summer reading) this blogger has put together an extensive list of places to find free books for your kids.


See also other Freebies posted on The Education Cafe:

Free SAT Prep at the Khan Academy

More Free Books

FreEsources: Teaching the Word

Free English Materials for Young Learners

Montessori and Homeschool Freebies

Links to Free Books to Assist in the Learning of Phonics: Especially for Older Children and Adults

Free and Low Cost Physical Education Resources

Free Phonics Readers to view or print

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