May 2014 Holidays and Activities

May 2014 Holidays and Activities around the World!


children, mothers

Happy Mother’s Day! (Drawing by Jade).



May 2014 Holidays and Activities around the world.

1st Thursday—USA National Day of Prayer for the nation

See also: New PRAY song by Sanctus Real (click here and then scroll down for the music video)

We Pray (song download from Barlow Girl)

May 1stMay Day and Dancing around a Maypole (UK & Australia)

May 1st–Labor Day in the Philippines – crafts and activities;

In India — crafts and activities;

In Pakistan — crafts and activities;

In Brazil– Kids Corner Brazil (fun site) ;

Labour and Solidarity Day in Turkey –crafts and activities;

Workers’ Day in Nigeria — crafts and games;

Workers’ Day in South Africa — LESSON PLANS, games, activities;

Workers’ Day in Tanzania — crafts and coloring;

Labor Day in Mexico — crafts and activities; 

In Ghana–culture and history, crafts/flags;

In Cyprus–flag/crafts;

In China – crafts & flag;

In Kenya– crafts, map, flags, lessons;

Workers’ Day in Mozambique--flags & printables;

Labor Day in Malaysia – flag & printables;

In Ukraine — crafts & activities;

Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day — crafts, flag, etc.;

Kyrgyztan People’s Unity Day– history & culture;

International Workers’ Day in Germany — crafts, flag, games;

Labor Day Nepal — info and pictures for kids;  also see:Nepali/English Good News Coloring book


May 3rd — Constitution Memorial Day in Japan–crafts and activities

May 5th—Cinco de Mayo;

Children’s Day in South Korea–crafts, games, activities;

Coronation Day in Thailand –  crafts and daily life;

May 7thTeacher Day

Victory Day in Russia ; Victory Day in Ukraine; Victory Day in Azerbaijan; Victory Day in Turkmenistan; Memorial/Remembrance Day in Uzbekistan;

May 10th—Clean your room day — tips from kids for kids

2nd Sunday—Mother’s Day

see also: Poem–What a Mama Does (When a Daughter Understands)

May 15th—Chocolate Chip Day

3rd Saturday—Armed Forces Day–Craft ideas by Artists Helping Children

May 20th–Victoria Day in Canada — crafts and activities

May 23rd–Labor Day in Jamaica–crafts and activities

May 24th—Brother’s Day

May 29th —Ascension Day –Meaning and traditions as celebrated in the UK;

Last Monday—Memorial Day

Graduation Crafts



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