Little Hearts and Hippo Farts

hippos, zooSneak this treasure into your kids’ summer days, and the whole family will enjoy the excitement! Hey! They might even stay brushed up on their reading skills and be motivated to journal, 4th grade, boys and girls, writingwrite something of their own. Mom Made Us Write This in the Summer was written by Ali Maier, mother of two, elementary school teacher, and world traveler (to 16 different countries).

The book is written from the perspective of 10-year old twins Maggie and Max. Their summer started off not so friendly towards each other, so their mother came up with a special “bonding” plan to write in a journal. The same journal!

Throughout the summer they have to each write on 12 different topics. They get to take turns choosing the topic (and the person choosing the topic starts writing first). Punctuation, spelling, and good grammar count.

To make the book even more fun to read, it appears handwritten in Max and Maggie’s own handwriting. My daughter loves the hearts Maggie uses for dots on her “i’s.” However, personality-wise I think my daughter relates more easily to what Max writes about. A zoo trip with a farting hippo brought us rolling in laughter.

Finally, both Max and Maggie get to write comments on each others’ journal entries. My daughter and I take turns reading. We read one topic a day; she reads one journal entry and I read the other. Sometimes I read Max’s and sometimes Maggie’s. When she reads Max’s entry, she pauses for me to read Maggie’s comments on his journal entry (and vice versa when I read Maggie’s entry).

I would recommend it for 8-11 year olds.

To read more about the book and the author or view a video review of the book, check out Ali’s website:

It is available on Amazon (click here).

Review by Delana H. Stewart.


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