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pregnancy, reading, belly booksAs an education consultant and mother, I have always been a huge advocate of reading to children. Books have been a part of my children’s lives since the time I brought them home from the hospital. My father, also a huge advocate for getting kids to read, always kept my children’s bookshelves well stocked.

During my pregnancies, I had heard about talking to and singing to your unborn child. It never occurred to me the possible benefits of reading to my unborn children.

Susan Lupone Stonis and Jacqueline Boyle, inspired by recent research on the topic of reading to the baby bump, created a series of books called Belly Books. According to their website, “. . . a rhythmic, repetitive story read regularly during the last trimester soothes and stimulates your baby before and after he or she is born.”


In exchange for an honest review, they recently sent me their book:how-to-use-belly-books

Can’t Wait to Show You: A Celebration for Mothers-to-Be

This colorful, rhyming board book is creatively shaped to fit over an expecting mother’s expanding belly. Now that I am a new grandma, I can encourage my children to begin reading to my grandchildren before their arrival into the world. I enjoyed reading this book and can imagine the joy a mom and dad can experience introducing the book to their child after the baby is born as well. What a fun book for an older sibling to see as he/she sits next to mom while the story is being read to the brother or sister in the belly.

If you want to learn more about in utero reading, check out the authors’ blog:

You can also find the book on

Reading to the belly (as in a mom reading to her womb) can even lead into a different kind of reading to the belly …

by: Delana H. Stewart

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Delana H. Stewart, the mother of four (3 biological and 1 adopted), is the author of Nine Year Pregnancy. She is the administrator and one of the writers at The Education Cafe, and she blogs personally at and




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