Crawly Not So Creepy

Is your child afraid of spiders? I think many children (and adults) at some point in their lives get spooked by spiders. Whether big and hairy or small and jumpy, spiders are notoriousspiders, huntsman spiders, Australia, book review, Michelle Ray for frightening children. Who can forget Little Miss Muffet?

Many spiders are not dangerous and even help us by eating bothersome insects. One such helpful spider in Australia is the Huntsman spider. Michelle Ray, author of A Huntsman Spider in My House, does a wonderful job weaving a story to teach young children not to be afraid of the Huntsman Spider. The illustrations by Sylvie Ashford brought a smile to my face and delighted my daughter. At the end of this simple children’s book, Ms. Ray provides interesting spider facts and a coloring page. Or, as written by Australians (and other writers of British English) it is a colouring page.

My only wish is that the book would be available in hardcover.

If you would like to order her book or find out more, click here.

Ordering in the U.S.A.? Click here.

Here are some links to spider facts in countries around the world:

Compare the Huntsman Spider to the South American Goliath Birdeater in this Fox News article.

Spiders of North America

The World’s Largest Spiders (Top 10) (largest is . . . you guessed it . . . The Huntsman Spider)

Spiders of South Africa

Spiders of Australia

Spider Pages to print and color


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