Custom Job (Customize Your Parenting)

Custom car, corvette, parentingAnyone who has spent any time at all with me discussing education knows that I believe that parents need to consider education options a year at a time, a child at a time. I strongly believe in customized education decisions. I recently had the opportunity to review the book Customized Parenting in a Trending World by the father-daughter team Richard and Carrie Blackaby (son and granddaughter of Henry Blackaby, Experiencing God).

When books are many and time and money are precious, the first thing I usually want to know about a book is Why should I invest my time and money? The second is like it: Am I the intended audience?

You should read a copy of this book if:

  1. You are a new parent who is not looking for a list of dos and don’ts in parenting (and not looking for a formula for parenting) but ARE looking for wisdom and experience woven into an exciting and uplifting series of life stories.
  2. You have been parenting for many years and have looked at parents around you and either thought what a great job you are doing in comparison (or what a lousy job you are doing in parenting, Richard Blackaby, Carrie Blackaby, parentingcomparison). Time to take a fresh look!
  3. You now have one or more teens and want to make sure the rules of parenting don’t steal their joy or yours.
  4. You feel disheartened and need to know how to find joy in parenting and family life.
  5. You want your children to be responsible and ready for life in the adult world, but you don’t want to take their childhood away from them because you know they only get one childhood.
  6. You want them to know and experience the Christian life with joy (and not as a bunch of rules and laws that they can’t wait to get away from).


boat, car, amphibious, parentingIf any of these sounds like you, then you will appreciate investing in Customized Parenting in a Trending World. A quote from the last page makes a great bookend for this book (and should have also been at the beginning, so I will give it to you now):

Never allow your previous parenting setbacks to dishearten you. Don’t let your future parenting challenges daunt you. Simply strive, by God’s grace, to be the finest parent you have ever been, today.

Delana H. Stewart

How do you infuse your parenting and family time with joy? Leave a comment below! Thanks!

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