What if I don’t want to go to College?

“Why does everyone expect me to go straight on to college?  I will be tired of school when I graduate and will need a break!  I will be an adult and I would like to just get a job and get on with my life.”

If that sums up your feelings, read on!  There is nothing wrong with your thinking.  In fact, most every student feels this way in high-school.  Getting a job and “getting on with your life” is your choice.  In trying to decide on this very important matter which will effect your whole life, you will want to consider a few things:

1)    Get work experience right now.  Odd jobs you do for your parents or for their company can count.  Each job you apply for will ask about your previous employment.  They will also ask for references from employers you have worked for. Keep their names and addresses, even if they are your parents’ colleagues.

2)   Fill out application forms (for employment may ask about your high-school grades).  Keep this in mind the next time you are studying for a test.  Also, some day if you should decide to further your education, these records are very important.

3)   Take your PSAT, SAT, or ACT tests anyway!  A few years down the road you just might decide to go on with your education.  Just in case, it is much easier for you to get a high score on these college entrance exams now, while all your “learning” is fresh in your mind.

4) Remember there is always a question about your legal record on a job application.  Please stay out of trouble and your chances of ever getting a job will increase 100%.

5)  Begin to develop a resume.  (See the sample)

A few questions to think about:

?          What is God’s will for my life?

?          Where am I going to live?

?          How much money will I need in order to live?

?          What type of things do I enjoy doing?

?          Is there a job that will pay me for doing any of those things?

?          Do I have the experience I need to get that job?

?          Will that job pay enough?

Sample Resume



Could Be




ADDRESS:                           101 E. Main Street, Rochester, NY  98661

PHONE:                                 (555) 293-7850

JOB OBJECTIVE:                Seeking summer employment applying my personal skills and physical ability to gain work experience and money for college.

EDUCATION:                        Summerville High School honors graduate June, 2005.

4 years of Honors Math & Science.

3 years of German.

Took the A.P. (Advance Placement) English course (a select group of 13 hard workers in college class English course.)

SKILLS:                                  Enjoy working with all types of people.

Hard working.

Enthusiastic attitude.

Ready to learn new things.

EXPERIENCE:                     Construction prep & cleanup with Acme Construction Co.

Worked on relative’s dairy farm for 3 summers – no pay – just experience.

REFERENCES:                    Furnished upon request.


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