Christmas Break Top 10

Top 10 Educational things to do with your kids during Christmas break:

  1. Start a family blog (get a free blog from – getting started is easy).
  2. Learn about another culture and holidays in that culture.
  3. Read a book together as a family. The Very First Christmas (Maier) or The Small One (Walsh) or The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Robinson).
  4. Write a review of the book for your blog. (Still haven’t started a blog? Post your review as a comment on The Education Café. If we really like it, we might do a special feature of it.)
  5. Visit a Christmas Tree farm (or a virtual one like —
  6. Visit a museum or historical place nearby (not more than a 2 hour drive).
  7. Post pictures on your family blog. Have each of your children write a short description/caption for each picture.
  8. View other blogs to gain ideas about styles, themes, layouts. Here are some to get you started:;;

9. Go on a walk or drive through your neighborhood and then make a map of it. Stop at local establishments and take pictures. Have a bakery or food stand close by? Stop in for a treat.

10. Find fun things to do with leftover Christmas wrapping paper. You might use big sheets of wrapping paper to draw an outline of each child and cut it out. Here are some other ideas:

What fun things do YOU have in mind for your family over Christmas break? Any fun educational ideas?

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