Gladly Giraffe

giraffe, feeding giraffesIn honor of National Poetry Month (which is coming in a few days) I would like to introduce you to the book Gladly Giraffe, written by Catherine Meade. It is gladly giraffebeautifully illustrated by George Masi and full of delightfully fun poetic lines, such as:

“It is said that giraffes are not always too kind

But our Gladly was not one of these.

And if anything he went just almost too far

In his constant desire to please.”

In the story, Gladly helps a chimp catch a blimp to Kenya. Other travels take Gladly to a king’s palace and a sheik’s tent . . . as he helps various animal friends along the way.

This book is available in paperback and hardcover from Amazon.

Check out the author and illustrator’s website to learn more:

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