Music Therapy and ADHD

Does Music Therapy for the ADHD mind really work? Can it help a child who has difficulty sleeping at night?

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Last night, I changed radio stations in my daughter’s room to a classical station. She actually stayed in bed all night, which is truly an amazing thing in our household. Then, this morning I came across an article on ADDitude Magazine about music therapy for the ADHD mind. Here’s the link: Music Therapy—8 Best Songs for ADHD Minds.

This article lists 8 specific pieces (and musicians). They claim some pieces to be best for sleep, others to aid in concentration and focus, some to strengthen auditory and motor functions, and some to help with speech and memory.

Beginning today, we will be listening to these and experimenting. I will keep you posted with what we discover works in our household.

Leave a comment and let us know if you have experimented with music therapy in your household (whether for insomnia, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety Disorders, or something else). Which songs/musicians have worked for you (and for what circumstances)?

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