A Voice and a Stage

drama“Everyone has a voice and a stage and the ability to impact the world in a positive way.”

 As a parent and education consultant, I have had the privilege of meeting and visiting with families in many U.S. cities and dozens of countries around the world. In the context of education, most parents that I have met want to know how to help their children be the best they can be physically, emotionally, socially, academically, and spiritually. In my consulting, I have met families with varying challenges and abilities: blind, deaf, physical limitations, learning disabilities, autism, etc. I have also come to learn that each one of us (and each of our children) could be labeled with some type of “disability.” None of us is perfect at everything; each of us is flawed. Rather than hammer away at our weaknesses (or our children’s weaknesses) we must learn to develop our strengths and find creative ways around our obstacles.


Jen Bricker; Faith; Dreams Special NeedsJen Bricker, author of Everything is Possible: Finding the Faith and Courage to Follow Your Dreams, began from an early age learning how and motivating others to recognize their significance, trust in God’s plan for their lives, and live each day by the motto her parents taught her: “Never say ‘can’t.’” Born without legs and given up for adoption at birth, separated from her biological sisters (one of whom was Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu, Jen could have lived a bitter life of helplessness and hopelessness. Instead, she challenges everyone to understand his/her significance: “We all have special gifts and talents that make us not only unique but also great. Everyone has the power to change someone’s life. Everyone has a voice and a stage and the ability to impact the world in a positive way” (p. 20).


So, I challenge you today to see your own significance, the plan God has for you . . . and the plan and significance God has for each of your children.


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Book review by Delana H. Stewart, author of Nine Year Pregnancy, Three Days at Sea, and My Paper Pregnancy Journal.

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