Have You Met Magoosh?

act prepACT Prep by Magoosh packs many helpful tips into an extraordinary 500+ page book! The student-friendly terminology makes it a comfortable guide.

I asked my daughter’s current ACT Prep high- school teacher to also take a look at this book and offer feedback. The things she found most helpful were how it provided the following:

  • A detailed schedule of how time should be managed;
  •  A tool for how to improve your scores;
  • What NOT to study or what NOT to do with your time;
  • The answer tothe question–“Does the ACT try to trick you?”
  • Study breaks (fun activities)
  • Time management tips (this is key in the ACT)
  • List of things to do test day
  • Very thorough explanations

Her ACT prep teacher has the official guide but prefers Magoosh’s, saying: “The ACT prep book by Magoosh is more like having a friendly teacher talk to you rather than the other more sophisticated (and harder to understand) verbiage from the official guide.”

It can be purchased from Amazon for under $20.



I received a free copy of this book for my honest, unbiased review. The teacher above gave her review freely.

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