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Tips for TCKs Transitioning to University

Here are some great tips for your TCKs as they look toward transitioning to University or careers back in their passport cultures. Guest Post by International Speaker, author, and TCK Christopher O’Shaughnessy.

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Click here for health or here of fitness-related posts on The Education Cafe (or see more links below). From Delana’s World: Should You Exercise When Sick? Should you exercise when you are sick? Here is what the experts have to to say about it . . . when it is okay and when it isn’t. Can…

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I’m From….

Originally posted on Marilyn R. Gardner:
I’m From…by Robynn and Adelaide Adelaide is a sophomore in high school. She’s in grade 10. The Language Arts teacher wanted them to write a poem introducing themselves to her and to the class. It was a simple assignment. Five short stanzas. Two lines each. Begin each stanza with,…

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Graduates — Be Prepared!

Before very long, many university students around the world will be graduating and applying for jobs. Are you or someone you know one of them? In the words of  the funny little goat on Hoodwinked — BE PREPARED! Write a Résumé that will catch someone’s eye in 25 seconds or less. Make a personal connection…

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10 Life Skill Competencies to Prepare Your Child for College and Career

Originally posted by: LP 2010 (Or, click here to download Life Skill Competencies You Can Build in Your Child in Preparation for College) Your children’s college years can be some of the most exciting times of their lives. They will make new friends, discover more about themselves and their spiritual walk, gain an education, and prepare…


Early Education “Interesting website (for) moms who give importance to their kid(s) early education.” — Charisse, ChildUp Schooling Abroad PACE refers to The Education Cafe in its article about spelling challenges unique to TCKs attending national schools. Jan 24, 2013. Article referred: Should My Child Attend a National School. (Jan 17, 2013). “This amazing blog…

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Kids, Teens, and the Internet: Reducing the Dangers

Reduce the dangers and maximize the benefits for kids and teens on the internet. An excerpt from an article by Educare Magazine, used with permission.  The internet is part of one of the greatest social revolutions in human history. It has risen from small beginnings in the 1990s to become the enormous worldwide phenomenon that…

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7 Virtues for Kids

A review of: Light Their Fire for God: 7 Powerful Virtues for Your Kids By Anne and David Harper. This is a great book… It encourages many things we all know but it’s good to have it repeated. Their virtues are based on 2 Peter 1:5-7. Consider having some devotional time each week with your TCKs focusing on a different virtue each week.

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Third Culture Kids

—Delana H Stewart One day I stumbled on a WordPress blog about TCKs (3rd Culture Children). Though The Education Cafe started as a way to assist families living abroad (particularly TCKs) I realized that we did not have any category labeled TCK. One of my favorite TCK websites is: The blog post I  stumbled…