A Voice and a Stage

“Everyone has a voice and a stage and the ability to impact the world in a positive way,” says Jen Bricker, author of Everything is Possible. Most parents that I have met want to know how to help their children be the best they can be physically, emotionally, socially, academically, and spiritually–in spite of any physical disabilities or learning disabilities they may have. Jen inspires us to do just that!

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Boundaries with Kids

A few years ago I wrote an article based on the book Boundaries with Kids by Cloud and Townsend. In the article I covered what I considered to be the top 5 principles from the 10 principles presented in this book. In this book, the authors deal with such topics as impulsivity, inattention, defiance, whining, procrastination, aggression, conflicts and more. Not only do they give you principles for developing and implementing boundaries, but they explain why kids so desperately need boundaries.

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Crawly Not So Creepy

Is your child afraid of spiders? I think many children (and adults) at some point in their lives get spooked by spiders. Whether big and hairy or small and jumpy, spiders are notorious for frightening children. Who can forget Little Miss Muffet? Many spiders are not dangerous and even help us by eating bothersome insects.…

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Read to the Belly

As an education consultant and mother, I have always been a huge advocate of reading to children. Books have been a part of my children’s lives since the time I brought them home from the hospital. My father, also a huge advocate for getting kids to read, always kept my children’s bookshelves well stocked. During…

Media Kit

  Media Kit Last Quarter 2013 ___________________________________________________ About Delana H. Stewart & The Education Cafe Delana H. Stewart lives and works in the Middle East as an education consultant, home-school mom, writer, and speaker. Her main goal for The Education Café is to provide academic support and encouragement to all kinds of families (as well…


Pick Ten

A world without internet. A world with limited resources. If you had to homeschool your children in 2014 and only had ten books (or non technological resources) to use, which ten would you choose? The inspiration for this idea came from a recently Freshly Pressed Post called: “If You Could Save Only Eight Books.” On…