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Explore the Code

Can anybody learn to code? Can anybody teach code? According to the experts at, the answer is YES! Join me, my daughter, and millions of others around the globe as we get introduced to coding through the Hour of Code December 8 – 14, 2014.

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Game On!

–-Delana H. Stewart Looking for some great educational internet games/programs, free and fee-based, recommended by parents like you? Here are some for you to check out! While the below resources can be educational and fun, just as in anything overdoing it can be hazardous. Please continue to be cautious about the importance of limiting screen…

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Kids, Teens, and the Internet: Reducing the Dangers

Reduce the dangers and maximize the benefits for kids and teens on the internet. An excerpt from an article by Educare Magazine, used with permission.  The internet is part of one of the greatest social revolutions in human history. It has risen from small beginnings in the 1990s to become the enormous worldwide phenomenon that…