The Stability of Home

By: Delana S  When living life outside our homelands, or even traveling extensively within your homeland, creating a sense of stability, familiarity, and comfort in our children is crucial. This morning I began reading the book Something Beautiful by Gloria Gaither. In this book she takes the reader on a journey through her and Bill’s…

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Third Culture Kids

—Delana H Stewart One day I stumbled on a WordPress blog about TCKs (3rd Culture Children). Though The Education Cafe started as a way to assist families living abroad (particularly TCKs) I realized that we did not have any category labeled TCK. One of my favorite TCK websites is: The blog post I  stumbled…

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A Dr. Seuss Twist on Expats and Transitions

Whether you are preparing a student to head off to college or boarding school, or heading on home leave or just arriving in a new country, you will greatly enjoy reading this blog post Oh, the places you’ll go! by blogger “I was an expat wife.” On this day, the birthday of Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) she gives tribute to the book, using timeless quotes to cover issues, such as

Boarding School Readiness and Transition

I want to call attention to an article on the web entitled “Boarding School Readiness and Transition: A Perspective for Parents” by Michele Phoenix, who attended Black Forest Academy. As an alumnus and staff member of BFA, she offers some firsthand insights that could be very helpful if you find yourself considering boarding school. Here…