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Boundaries with Kids

A few years ago I wrote an article based on the book Boundaries with Kids by Cloud and Townsend. In the article I covered what I considered to be the top 5 principles from the 10 principles presented in this book. In this book, the authors deal with such topics as impulsivity, inattention, defiance, whining, procrastination, aggression, conflicts and more. Not only do they give you principles for developing and implementing boundaries, but they explain why kids so desperately need boundaries.

Custom Job (Customize Your Parenting)

When books are many and time and money are precious, the first thing I usually want to know about a book is: Why should I invest my time and money? The second is like it: Am I the intended audience? Do you need to be encouraged as a parent? Then read about this exciting new book…

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10 Life Skill Competencies to Prepare Your Child for College and Career

Originally posted by: LP 2010 (Or, click here to download Life Skill Competencies You Can Build in Your Child in Preparation for College) Your children’s college years can be some of the most exciting times of their lives. They will make new friends, discover more about themselves and their spiritual walk, gain an education, and prepare…

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Dear Mom, I FAILED

—Delana H. Stewart Admitting failure is a struggle for many of us, much less for our children. But admitting failure is the first step in attaining success. Two things you can do this school year to bless your child: 1)      Place your focus on what they did right. 2)      Praise their willingness to talk about…

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Joy and Contentment

How This Affects Us as Parents and Educators —Delana H Stewart Why did you accept this job or this teaching assignment?  Why are you home-schooling?  Why aren’t you home-schooling?  Why did you put your son in national school?  Why didn’t you put your kids in national school?  Why did you choose that curriculum? Wrapped in…

Surviving Parenting: In Tears and Laughter

I don’t need another parenting book–but a book that makes me laugh when the tears of child-raising well up in my eyes and the darts of defiance pierce my heart–THAT book I need to read! Not long ago I read Lisa Whelchel’s book Creative Correction. Though she is currently famous for her appearance on Survivor, I grew up watching her on Facts of Life. As an experienced parent having raised three sons (now post high school), did I really need to read another parenting book?

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7 Virtues for Kids

A review of: Light Their Fire for God: 7 Powerful Virtues for Your Kids By Anne and David Harper. This is a great book… It encourages many things we all know but it’s good to have it repeated. Their virtues are based on 2 Peter 1:5-7. Consider having some devotional time each week with your TCKs focusing on a different virtue each week.

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From parenting toddlers to sending kids off to college (and everything in between) The Education Cafe is here for you! Just now we reached 70,000 views! If you have stumbled on this page and not found what you are looking for, please feel free to leave a comment/question/suggestion for us to work on. You can…

The Stability of Home

By: Delana S  When living life outside our homelands, or even traveling extensively within your homeland, creating a sense of stability, familiarity, and comfort in our children is crucial. This morning I began reading the book Something Beautiful by Gloria Gaither. In this book she takes the reader on a journey through her and Bill’s…