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School Time

Since 2009 I have written posts on The Education Café that have included recommendations to try Time4Learning (based on advice from other consultants and parents who had tried it and found it to be helpful). This year I enrolled my daughter in Time4Learning. After experiencing it firsthand, do you want to know what I think?

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Online Tutoring

“Is mobile learning right for every student? Perhaps not. But for those students who are comfortable with technology and prefer the convenience factor of mobile learning, there is no reason to doubt the efficacy of the experience . . .” This guest post shares information regarding virtual tutoring, as opposed to face-to-face tutoring. [This is…

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The Suitability of Local Schools

Before our daughter started school, friends told us, “Don’t send your children to local schools. Everything is done by rote memory; they’ll never learn to think. You don’t want them studying local beliefs. Etc., etc.” The objections were not without some validity. But we felt there were positives too. We wanted our children to grow up in our host country feeling at home. We wanted them to interact naturally with their neighbors. We didn’t want them to feel like they were forever outsiders. So we decided to try the local schools – one year at a time.

Curricula and Home Schooling Links/Contact Info

  Traditional Textbook Approaches  Abeka Books: – P.O. Box 19100, Pensacola, FL 32523-9100, phone: 1-877-223-5226  Bob Jones Press: – Bob Jones University Press, Greenville, SC 29614, phone: 1-800-845-5731  Calvert: – 105 Tuscany Road, Baltimore, Md 21210-3098, phone: 1-410-243-6030.html – P.O. Box 1212, Harrisonburg, VA 22801-1212, phone: 1-540-434-0768  Christian Liberty Press: -502…

Boarding School Readiness and Transition

I want to call attention to an article on the web entitled “Boarding School Readiness and Transition: A Perspective for Parents” by Michele Phoenix, who attended Black Forest Academy. As an alumnus and staff member of BFA, she offers some firsthand insights that could be very helpful if you find yourself considering boarding school. Here…

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Online Schooling

Online Schooling. o what degree does organization, maturity, and self-discipline play a role in a student’s success in online-schooling? How much is the supervisor’s responsibility in keeping a student on task? Parents, online school graduates, education consultants, and school leaders share their insights and experiences in six major areas affecting students in online education.

Two Families Review NorthStar Academy

~Compiled by Patti S, edited by Delana S~ [Admin note: This post is now based on information that is 5 years old. NorthStar has undergone many great changes through the years. Keep in mind that that there will be some differences today from families that used NorthStar 5 years ago.] First Year Struggles One family’s…

Running the Race (Planning your child’s education for the long haul)

Delana H. Stewart Setting Priorities and Planning Your Child’s Education (Includes extensive excerpts from an EduCare article by Steve Bryant entitled “Long-term Planning.”) Some of you may have seen the EduCare article on long-term planning.  I want to share the highlights with you of this excellent article.  Information at the end will show you how…

Trusting God in the Midst of School Challenges

Delana H. Stewart “This school is not academic enough.” “The teachers in that school will damage my child emotionally.” “The students are supposed to speak in English but they are not.” “The administration is impossible!” “The school does not allow parents to communicate directly with the teachers.” “Transportation to the school is a big problem.”…