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New Year’s Day (US Federal Holiday) send e-cards

Printable January Calendar and Activities

January is Clean Up Your Computer Month—Try Vinegar.  For internal clean up—free up drive space

January 3rd— Author J.R.R. Tolkien’s Birthday, 1892

January 6thEpiphany/Three Kings’ Day

January 15—1929 MLK Birthday– observed 3rd Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 17th –Ben Franklin’s Birthday Interesting site for all grade levels

January 18th–Winnie The Pooh Day (In observance of the birthday of Alan Alexander Milne, 1882.) pooh corner

January 27th—National Geographic Society founded 1888–lesson plans and activities

January 29th–National Puzzle Day Online jigsaw puzzles for preschoolers


February—Black History Month (began in 1926) Historical Printable Activity Gr1-2

February 2—Groundhog Day—Groundhog Day Crafts

February 14—Valentine’s Day– The Heart: An Online Exploration (6th grade and up); Internet Scavenger Hunt–Heart (Gr 2-6)

February 19—President’s Day— Abe Lincoln Project


St. Patrick’s Day Trivia

“Note: One of the most popular legends attributed to Patrick is that he used the shamrock as a visual aid to teach the principle of the Trinity. This story cannot be verified. However, from his writings it is evident the doctrine of the Trinity was central in his teaching.”  — from the following website


Jewish Passover Activities

Easter Activities

Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride (April 18-19)

April 24—Pigs-n-blanket Day


1st Thursday—National Day of Prayer for the nation

May 5th—Cinco de Mayo

May 7th—Teacher Day

May 10th—Clean your room day

2nd Sunday—Mother’s Day

May 15th—Chocolate Chip Day

3rd Saturday—Armed Forces Day

May 24th—Brother’s Day

Last Monday—Memorial Day

May 25th—Ascension Day

Graduation Crafts


14th—Flag Day USA

15th—Fly a kite day (Ben Franklin’s experiment in 1752)

3rd Sunday—Father’s Day

(History of Father’s Day lesson and craft)

And, check out these articles, books, and links especially for dads!


July 4 – Independence Day (USA)

July 7 – World War II began, 1937—unit studies

July 11 – E.B. White, author of Charlotte’s Web and    Stuart Little, born 1899

July 24 – Amelia Earhart born, 1897 (link in English or Spanish)

July 28 – Beatrix Potter, author, born 1866-online book

July 30 – Henry Ford born, 1863—lesson plan-2nd/3rd gr


Friendship Day, first Sunday

National Kids Day, first Sunday

August 5th, 1930– Neil Alden Armstrong (the first man on the moon) was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio Video of first moon landing on youtube.

August 14–Creamsicle Day:

August 15 – Panama Canal opened, 1914

August 19 – National Aviation Day (aviation unit study); crafts; virtual tour new 747

August 26 – Women given right to vote, 1920


Labor Day, date varies {origins of:

Second Sunday–Grandparents Day;   and (a poem for Grandmother)

September 14 – Francis Scott Key wrote the “Star Spangled Banner” {see neat quote here}

September 17 – Citizenship Day
September 17 – US Constitution (activities) was signed, 1787

September 26 – Johnny Appleseed was born, 1775—for story and fun and games click here:

September 28– Native American Day and


October 5th—World and International Teacher’s Day

2nd Monday—Columbus Day

Columbus Virtual Field Trip (see E Field Trip Tab)

October 19thStar Spangled Banner First Sung In 1814.

October 28th—Statue of Liberty’s birthday


November 2 – Daniel Boone born, 1734

November 3 – Robert Louis Stevenson born, 1850 (Treasure Island unit study.)

November 11 – Veteran’s Day

National Children’s Book Week, third week

November 16, 1952 – Lucy first holds a football for Charlie Brown in the Peanuts cartoon strip.

November 17—National Adoption Day (Events in Texas, click here); Or, choose your state for events.

Thanksgiving Day, last Thursday (activities & lessons)

Lincoln Proclamation

Some of these ideas come from:

Thanksgiving Blessing Tree

I ran across this idea. Thought you might want to use it:

Make a tree out of construction paper and hang it on the wall. Every day put leaves on it with things you are thankful for. By Thanksgiving you should have it completely filled and running over. Just a way to help the kids and grownups to remember what God has done for them. You can make your leaves out of colored construction paper like fall leaves.  Or, trace your child’s hand on different colors of construction paper.  Hang each “leaf” upside down on the tree.  Curl the fingers slightly by rolling up over a pencil.  Write the thankful statement on the palm of the hand.


Here are some good sites for celebrating Advent.,1703,A%253D158652%2526M%253D200273,00.html

Fun lessons/activities for December

The Giving Tree

A Colonial Christmas in Williamsburg

Plays, Prayers, Songs, and Stories

Gingerbread songs, poems, games & more

Christmas Around The World

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