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Curriculum and School Reviews (Homeschoolreviews.com)






http://www.nationalgeographic.com/xpeditions Go to this site for over 300 free lesson plans, maps, activities and more.  Lessons plans are given by grades ranging from K-12.








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Overview of Homeschooling in America

Homeschool Technological Resources

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Five Basic Types of Curriculum

7 Secrets to Finding the Best Homeschool Curriculum

Types of Curriculum: Technological Learning

Recommended Dyslexia Curriculum

Resources and Curriculum for Educating the Right-Brained Learner

Reasons to Modify Curriculum

 Curriculum: How Do I Know What To Choose?

Sonlight Curriculum–Making it work for you

Educational Planning (download) or click here to read online.

How We Learn and How We Teach (download) or click here to read online. Learning styles and teaching styles.

Developing Independent Learners (download) or click here to read online.

Keeping a Portfolio (download) or click here to read online.

Things to consider in looking for or becoming a TCK teacher (download) or read online

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Stretching the dollar

When You Can’t Stretch It Anymore

 Whether homeschooling or supplementing at home, often the finances can only stretch so far. Before you make your purchases for this fall, consider these two excellent posts offering incredible FREE resources…

You may also want to check out these sites for some great ways to teach for free:

http://www.donnayoung.org/index.htm andhttp://www.homeschooltopsites.com/


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The Stages of a Child’s Writing Ability

Writing Tips

Striving for Excellence in Writing, Grammar, and Reading

Sole Writer

Encouraging Your Kids to Write (download) or click here to read online.

Sharpening Your Writing Skills (download) or click here to read online.

The following writing sites are not on The Education Cafe:

The Story Starter provides 345,935,040 creative ideas for writers of all ages. All of the story starters are randomly generated. The story starters can be used for short stories, novels, plays, scripts, or just for fun.

Story Starter, Jr.

Wacky Web Tales–the online version of the old favorite Mad Libs game.


Mommy I’m reading (download) or click here to read online.

READING…A key to the world (download) or click here to read online.


Mental Math and Math Games (download) or click here to read online.

Nurturing Early Math (and Language) Skills

Comparing Math Curricula


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Health and Fitness

Physical Fitness (download)

Motivating Your Kids to Exercise

Monkey see, Monkey do (helping your family be more fit)

Seven Tips for motivating your kids to exercise. (read online)

Adolescence, Puberty, and Growth Spurts (read online)

Free and Low cost physical education resources (read online)

Are You Taking Care of Their Hearts (American Heart Association and physical fitness)

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A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling: Choosing Curriculum

100 Top Picks for Home School Curriculum (read book online)



Never heard of “unschooling?” Check this out… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unschooling



And here are a TON of free Montessori things you could prepare at home:


http://forum.brillkids.com/teaching-your-child-other-topics/making-your-own-montessori-materials/msg45493/?topicseen (scroll down the page to see the article)

Curriculum/Book Providers–For a comprehensive list of curricula and online schools as well as contact info and web links, click here.

Sonlight Curriculum

A Beka Book

A Beka Academy

BJU Press (Bob Jones Curriculum)

WinterPromise (Click here to see a personal review on this blog by Joie.)

School Specialty Intervention (the handprints series) and Pioneer Valley Books (see personal review on this blog by Denise)

Used Homeschool Books “I have used them and their books have been in great condition and much cheaper than buying them new.  They even have cost-cutting tips.”–Elizabeth G

CBD Homeschool

Amazon Homeschool Curriculum options

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