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Web Links: — An excellent website for milestones and resources for parents to monitor early child development. — Nurturing early child development.

Miss Humblebee’s Academy (preschool/kindergarten readiness program) ABC’s, phonics, reading & more (then click on games, stories, art, or music)–ABC’s, counting, matching, drawing

And here are a TON of free Montessori things you could prepare at home: (scroll down the page to see the article)

You may also want to check out these sites for some great ways to teach 4-6 year olds for free:

Preschool Art activities

Articles on The Education Cafe:

blocks, playing blocks

Tips for Toddlers (and Toddler Kits)

Mommy I’m reading (download) or, click here to read online.

Preschool Readiness and Developmental Checklist (download) or, click here to read online.

Tips for Toddlers (Or scroll down to read this article below)

Preparing Your Preschool Child to Read (download) or, click here to read online.

Free Phonics Readers to view or print:

A–at story sheets

B–an story sheets

C–ad and ap story sheets

D–ag and og story sheets

E–id-ig-it story sheet

F–ug-up-un-in-ip story sheets

G–eg-et story sheets

H–ox and ix story sheets

I–end-and-um story sheets

J–im-est-ast story sheets

K-ouse-ack-arm story sheets

L–ock-ick story sheets

M–s-sh- and -ish -is story sheets

N–ond–ight story sheet

7 thoughts on “Pre-K/KG

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  2. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who was conducting a little research on this.

  3. A readiness skills tutorial for the parent/caregivers of young children in English and Spanish.

    “Pre-K-Prep, is an iPad App” for the parent/caregiver of the pre-k student in English AND Spanish.

    It is a readiness skills tutorial for the parent/caregivers of young children in English and Spanish and will assist the classroom teacher in grounding needed pre-k concepts in the young child.

    This 6 month, page-a-day program equips the caregiver/parent with a simple way to impart needed pre-kindergarten skills to their child in a fun and convenient way. All teaching/learning experiences take place during normal household routines (doing laundry, doing household chores, fixing dinner or going to the grocery store). Each day gives the parent 3 simple daily exercises (10-15 minute total). The vocabulary and skills needed for a successful start in kindergarten are sprinkled in and repeated several times throughout the program. Skills are taught via experiences with the child’s senses of sight, sound, and touch. Public domain nursery rhymes and songs are throughout the calendar to add fun and whimsy to the lessons.

    The Web Site is:

    The Apple App information page is:


    • I would like to hear from some parents who have used this program. I would also like to know how much time a day they allow their pre-k students be exposed to computers/TV/IPADs and other forms of screen time as research is beginning to point to ADHD and other neurological based disorders being impacted by over exposure to screen time during the preschool years.


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  5. Hello,
    I would appreciate it if you would add my blog and my book to your list of resources for preschool/Kindergarten (they actually apply to children up to around grade 3). I blog about homepreschooling/homeschooling at . I use a faith-based, developmentally appropriate, literature approach based on the 4R’s: Relationship (with God and family), routine, readiness, and reading aloud. I also emphasize using everyday/hands-on experiences, art, music, finger plays, etc.
    My book, Homepreschool and Beyond: A Comprehensive Guide to Early Home Education, was released March 2010. My book is not a “curriculum” or a set of lesson plans (although there are sample themes/unit studies in my book and on my blog), but rather a guide to living, loving, teaching and training preschoolers. I cover everything from routines, readiness (and why it’s important), art, music, reading aloud (a whole chapter list of classic picture books I recommend), listening and speaking skills, and so much more. For a complete list of chapters, please visit my blog.
    If someone would like to to a review of my book for this site, I’d be happy to send a copy out to you as soon as possible.
    Susan Lemons
    Homeschooling mom of 4
    Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development/former preschool teacher
    Author, Homepreschool and Beyond

  6. Recently, the blogger at Homeschool Ninja wrote me asking about appropriate Christian based curriculum for pre-school. Here is my response:

    The best thing for preschool is to engage your child in many hands on activities. Help them develop their motor skills (gross motor skills then fine motor skills). Give them many opportunities to tear paper, cut paper. Give them magazines and have them cut out pictures in various shapes (circles, triangles, squares, etc.). Give them newspapers and have them cut out letters or words. Read to them a lot pointing to the words as you read them. This will give them more ideas about reading and learning. Let them help in the kitchen and help with shopping. Spending time exploring things together is the best curriculum for preschool. As far as reading to them, in addition to the usual children’s story books, I recommend The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes (

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