Child Safety

kids and cell phones, iphones, texting, sextingArticles on the Ed Cafe:

Kids, Teens, and the Internet: Reducing the Dangers

Sexting, Cyberbullies, “Playing Doctor,” and Stranger Danger

10 Tips to Keep Children Safe from Sexual Abuse

A Counselor Speaks on Children, Teens, and Pornography

A Counselor Speaks on Children, Teens and Pornography—part 2

Internet Monitoring: GamePlan

Helping Children be Safe in the Home

Prevent Anorexia and Bulimia

Depression in Teens and Young Children

The Impact of Hostile Environments

From Delana’s World:

Live Like it Matters

Articles on other sites:

Tricky People Are the New Strangers

Preparing Your Child for the Online World

Online Safety and Media Filtering Resources

Focus on the Family: Stranger Danger


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