National Schools

Is your child attending a national school in a language other than what is spoken in your home?


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Bringing Up Children Bilingually

Raise A Bilingual Child: 5 Strategies to Jump Start Second Language Learning For Your Child

Pros y contras del uso del Spanglish | Pros and cons of Spanglish use

Places to Research Children Learning Second or Multiple Languages

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Should My Child Attend a National School?

Using National Schools (download) or click here to read online.

Strategies for Supplementing National Schools (download) or click here to read online.

Considering National Schools (download)

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The Suitability of Local Schools

ONE YEAR AT A TIME (download) or click here to read online. (Re-titled as “The Suitability of Local Schools”).

Shortcuts, tips, and supplementing National Schools (download) or read online.

Supplementing by expats in the US (download) or read online.

More Tips on Supplementing National Schools (download) or read online.

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32 Reasons to Send Your Child to Local National School

Helping Children in National Schools Learn English (download) or read online.

Reasons for Considering National Schools (download) or click here to read online.

Challenges Expats Face When Choosing and Using a National School (download) or read online.

Teaching Reading and Phonics to the Older Child or ESL Student (download) or read online.



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Joy and Contentment

Raise a Bilingual Child: 5 strategies to jump start

Children and Language Learning

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