Learning Disabilities

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Note: If you think your child might have a learning disability or special need, please have him/her seen by a pediatrician and an educational psychologist. Other specialists like pediatric neurologists and/or pediatric psychiatrists may also need to be seen in order to get an adequate diagnosis.

New! Are you struggling parenting a child with special needs? See: Of Sheep and Shepherds

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Web Links:

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome

Online Video about Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome http://noelpiper.com/2010/04/10/for-anyone-who-cares-about-someone-with-autism-or-aspergers/

Read about an excellent movie about Temple Grandin’s life dealing with Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome: http://www.amazon.com/Temple-Grandin-Claire-Danes/dp/B0038M2AZA

Asperger Experts Video Library –an excellent library of videos put together by two young men with Asperger’s Sydrome. Videos are available for all ages and deal with age-appropriate topics.

Meet Carly–a girl with severe autism who learned to communicate via typing at the age of 11– http://carlysvoice.com/home/carly-in-the-media/

Freaks, Geeks, Asperger Syndrome (Read this book online; written by a 13 year old boy with AS)



 Autism Society (and Asperger’s Syndrome)



General Learning Disability Information




http://www.ldonline.org/ Finding help regarding learning disabilities and ADHD.

Focus on the Family Practical Parenting Helps

Focus on the Family: Transitions

Insight for Living: Special Needs, Exhausting and Painful experiences



Brain Development of Youth (download) OR Brain Development of Youth (read online)
This article is a review of a video lecture by Dr. Amen. It discusses how a child’s brain develops and how to enhance brain development. It also discusses the effects of healthy eating, stress, sports injuries, etc.

Developmental Delay, Learning Disability (download) OR Developmental Delay, Learning Disability, or Neurological Disorder (read online)
This article discusses the differences between developmental delays, learning disabilities, and neurological disorders.

Eating Disorders (or scroll down to read this article below)

Educating Children with Dyslexia (download) OR Educating Children with Dyslexia (read online)

Educating Children with Asperger Syndrome (download) OR Educating Children With Asperger’s Syndrome (read online)

Overachievers and Underachievers (download) OR Overachievers and Underachievers (read online)

Central Auditory Language Processing Disorders (download) OR Help for Children with Central Auditory Language Processing Disorders (read online)

Diagnosing ADD and ADHD (download) OR Diagnosing ADD/ADHD (read online)

Helping ADD and ADHD Students Learn Effectively (download) OR Helping ADD/ADHD Students Learn Effectively (read online)

Homeschooling Children with ADD, ADHD, or ODD (download) OR Homeschooling Children with ADD/ADHD and/or ODD (read online)

Helping Kids Be Overcomers (or click here to read online);

Brain Exercises and Midline (download) OR Brain Exercises and Midline (read online)

Helping Students with Learning Challenges (download) Or, click here to read online.

Recognizing Special Needs

Tips for Preventing Anorexia and Bulimia (download); Click here to read online.

Teens in Isolation (download); (read online)

Teaching Reading and Phonics to the Older Child or ESL Student (download); (Or, read online)

Other Articles to read online:

Authentic Hope: Life-Changing Answers–June 2010 update

Addendum to Empowering Mothers: The symptoms of Attachment Disorder

Is it Just a Phase? (Or, does my child have a life-long learning challenge?)

Speech Resources

Recognizing Learning Disabilities

How We Learn and How We Teach

5 Stages of Speech Development

Raising Girls


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