Joy and Peace

Follow links below or click here for poetry and articles on this site tagged “Encouragement.”

Visit Delana’s blog Three Days at Sea for encouraging posts and information about her book by that title.


Are you struggling to let go of your kids and trust God? Check out this Delana’s World post: Of Sheep and Shepherds.

Additional encouraging links–

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On this site:

Gifted by Grace  (prose – receiving a very special gift card — never give up)

Within These Walls (poem especially for moms with pre-schoolers and toddlers)

Sometimes (poem for the mom who wears a lot of hats or feels she is trying to do a balancing act)

A Mother’s Love (poem about the difference a mom can make)

Some Days (poem: Feel like giving up? Wondering when contentment will come?)

Mid-Year School struggles (article from one mom to another regarding mid-year school decisions)

Trusting God in the Midst of School Challenges (article about struggles faced in schooling situations)

Joy and Contentment

On the Web:

Focus on the Family Practical Parenting Helps

Focus on the Family: Adoption Topics

Focus on the Family: Discipline

Focus on the Family: Life pressures of Stay-at-home Moms

Focus on the Family: Transitions

Insight for Living: Special Needs, Exhausting and Painful experiences

Encouraging Blogs:

Momfessions: Soul Coffee

Soul Caffeine (Now


woman reading, girl praying, worship, joy

 What is Joy?

Finding Joy and Strength and Peace.

mountain climbing, hiking, stand firm

Stand Firm

An excerpt from Three Days at Sea on standing firm in your faith.

pearls, oyster, treasure, kingdom of heaven

Found by the Joy-Giver

This is an excerpt from the final chapter of Three Days at Sea. I hope you have enjoyed these 25 sneak previews into the book.

compassion, mercy, faithfulness

Experiencing a Difficult Day?

Some days are just like that…difficult…challenging…heart-wrenching. Some nights we just need to go to bed early so that we can wake up refreshed with a new outlook. Need compassion?

man alone thinking, looking for stability, peace

Finding Stability

In my devotional reading today in Beth Moore’s book Whispers of Hope, I was challenged to think about whether I place my faith in what God is doing or in Who God is. Where is your faith placed? How do you find stability in your roller coaster life? See my review of Whispers of Hope,…

woman with cross, girl reaching up, girl reaching cross, woman of faith, woman of prayer, trusting Jesus

Being Content

The less and less I have, the more and more I realize how little I really need. Thank You Lord for showing me how to be content. Help me to hold all things loosely.

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