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School Links:

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International Gateway Academy–Istanbul

Oasis International School Ankara

Tien Shan International School–Almaty

Manor Hall International School — Al Ain

International Christian School Budapest

Christian International School of Prague

Vienna Christian School

Logos School of English Education–Limassol, Cyprus

George Washington Academy–Casablanca

Cairo Covenant

Hope Academy–Bishkek

International School of Kabul

Whitman Academy


Black Forest Academy (Kandern, Germany)

Grace International (Chiang Mai, Thailand)


Texas Tech Online High School

K12 Online

NorthStar Academy Online

Sevenstar Academy online

The Potter’s School

Veritas Press Online Education

Miss Humblebee’s Academy

Time 4 Learning

Khan Academy

Article Links:


On the Web–

Educating Kids Overseas by REC

Choosing an Overseas School for Your Child

Moving Tips: Choosing a School Overseas

Choosing the Right School for Your Child: British, IB, Amercian

Why Boarding School?

Boarding School Do’s and Don’ts

Boarding School Readiness and Transition

Articles on The Education Cafe on Schooling:

The Perfect School

school, reading, computers, books, online

Online Schooling

A Comparative of NorthStar and Sevenstar Online Schools

Free Online Public School

Online Textbooks for Middle School and High School


tantrum, temper, meltdown

Surviving Mid-Year Struggles with School Choice

Surviving Mid-year Homeschool Burnout

girl student, girl at desk, national school student

Should My Child Attend a National School?

“When in Rome” (Questions to Ask National Schools)

Boarding School Readiness and Transition


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