Early Education

“Interesting website (for) moms who give importance to their kid(s) early education.” — Charisse, ChildUp

Schooling Abroad

PACE refers to The Education Cafe in its article about spelling challenges unique to TCKs attending national schools. Jan 24, 2013. Article referred: Should My Child Attend a National School. (Jan 17, 2013).

“This amazing blog is dedicated to homeschoolers who live abroad.  I don’t live abroad, but it is a treasure trove of resources for any homeschool.” — Help for the Heart blog

“What a fabulous list and many things I had never considered like children playing differently in different cultures. I’m sure this would be a useful post for many parents.” (Regarding 32 Reasons to Send Your Child to Local National School) — Karyn, Kloppenmum

Learning Disorders, Special Needs, Educational Challenges

“This is a really helpful resource for parents wanting to understand Aspergers.” (Regarding: Educating Children with Aspergers) — Dave, Aspergers Education Tips

General Reviews

“Excellent site!” — EduRap

Appreciative of helpful reviews, like: More Than Flash    — DEM Tutoring

“This is an excellent resource!” — Paul, Park City Independent Online High School

“This site is a wonderful resource. I like how the categories are so varied, the guest posts, the links to a variety of resources and the resources for dads. This is more than just an education site; it’s a family and parenting site too.” — Robert, On Life as You Go

“Thanks for sharing the “strategies” and for the inspirational takes/suggestions…about the whole homeschooling process.” — Raquel, 3rdculturechildren

“…what a splendid site and informative posts, I definitely will bookmark your website.” — Evon

“We have enjoyed reviewing your website and would like to thank you for adding your comments that have assisted some of our homeschool families. Several of our homeschooling families have commented about having you as a part of our parent resources and have shared their desire for ED Anywhere to recognize you as a contributing member of the homeschool resources groups.” — EdAnywhere

Great Resource for Teachers/Educators

“What a wonderful resource … a welcome addition to my teaching practice!” — Janet, Creative Writing Ideas and Activities

On the Top 50 Blogs for those teaching abroad. Maria, Online Degrees

Great Resource for Dads

Especially for Dads  — “Wonderful resources for dads.” — REC, On Life as You Go


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