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From Delana’s World:

Should You Exercise When Sick?

Should you exercise when you are sick? Here is what the experts have to to say about it . . . when it is okay and when it isn’t.

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Can Exercise Improve My Memory?

Not too long ago I became a grandmother. Once I entered my 40’s I began noticing the tell-tale signs of the aging process: gray hairs, bones susceptible to fracturing, weak muscles, and yes, forgetfulness. While I know I need exercise for my continued physical health, can it improve my memory? Learning New Things I have…

Hit the Bunny Trail

The sign read: Alligator and Snake Habitat Not long ago, my husband and I both hated running. We grew up not liking it and, as many others, found many “valid” excuses not to run. We are both fast walkers and really thought we could get adequate exercise just walking fast regularly. There is even a…


From The Education Cafe:

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Motivating Your Kids to Exercise

  Make exercise fun. (Find something active that your child truly enjoys doing —then she will want to do it.) Set a good example. (Show your kids that exercise is an important part of your own life). Exercise with your kids. (The best motivator is getting outside with your kids). Turn off the television. (Or,…

Are You Taking Care of Their Hearts?

increased activity increases life expectancy and produces many overall physical, psychological, and social benefits. Physical activity can help children and adults with controlling weight, reducing blood pressure, raising good cholesterol, reducing the risk of diabetes and some kinds of cancer, as well as helping children gain self-confidence.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

“I saw my dad do exercises every morning when I was growing up.  What do I do for 20 minutes every morning?  Exercises.  I saw my mom take her thrice weekly walks, and now I choose to walk two miles a day for school instead of taking a taxi.  I am thankful that my husband…

Back to Nature, part 4: P.E., Music, Art and the nPod

–Delana S Are your children receiving the most benefits from a well-balanced education including P.E., Music, and Art? Do you know how these affect academic learning? Is organized sports and normal gym classes the most beneficial way to receive physical education? This is my final discussion on Richard Louv ’s book, Last Child in the Woods:…

Prevent Anorexia and Bulimia

Teach our daughters (and sons) that bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating are all forms of self-abuse, and that this violates God’s will.  [I Corinthians 6:19-20; Romans 12:1] Teach our daughters (and sons) that they have Someone in Jesus Christ who understands their trials and hurts, and Who desires to meet their deepest needs. Teach our…

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Care and Keeping of You–becoming an adolescent girl

If you have a daughter aged 9-12, you may be interested in purchasing the book The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls. It is a fun and colorful guide dealing with the following topics: hair and skin care, bras and the developing body, nutrition and eating disorders, periods, fitness, rest, and sleep troubles.

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Free and Low Cost Physical Education Resources

Check out these great free and low cost physical fitness resources!

DIY — Get your brain in gear — Do Something!

-Delana H. Stewart Yesterday, I talked with a mom whose child receives Occupational Therapy for sensory processing and sensory integration. She talked about the benefits she’s noticed, not just from the therapy but from physical activity (in her child’s life and in her own life). A couple of month’s ago, I had the privilege of…

Links on Adolescence, Puberty, and Growth Spurts–

Adolescent Growth and Development This is an interesting article on the physical, cognitive, and psycho-social development of teens. It offers some good suggestion to parents and teachers for helping and encouraging teens during the development of each of these phases.  It answers questions such as why teens say things like: “My life is ruined!” or…

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