Third Culture Kids

Delana H Stewart

One day I stumbled on a WordPress blog about TCKs (3rd Culture Children). Though The Education Cafe started as a way to assist families living abroad third culture kids, flat stanley(particularly TCKs) I realized that we did not have any category labeled TCK.

One of my favorite TCK websites is:

The blog post I  stumbled upon on WordPress is: More Than One Place in Your Heart (3rd Culture Children).

Other great posts for and about TCKs are: Things I Want to tell my Third Culture Kids

Are Third Culture Kids Arrogant? –part 1; Third Culture Kids–Confidence or Arrogance, Fear and Pain?–part 2

Saudade — a word for third culture kids

I have added a category in the drop down box called TCKs. Articles on The Education Cafe specifically about TCKs include:

Things to Consider When Looking For Or Becoming a TCK Teacher

I Pledge Allegiance (To Whom Do I Owe my Allegiance)

The Importance of The Father in the life of the TCK

Other Third Culture Kid Links

If you blog about TCKs or if you are a TCK, please leave a comment with a link to your blog.


See also:

Cultural Flip-Flop (especially read the comment section written by an adult TCK)

Parenting and Teaching TCKs

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